Almost as important as the content of your web site is where (who) hosts it. Some of the cheaper Hosting services host a lot of web sites on the same server (powerful pc that serves your web pages).. This might not be a problem but if your “Host neighbor” is sending out a huge number emails or is under a Denial of Service attack. This means your web site will be affected. If your “Host neighbor” is selling “unsavory” products and is responsible for your IP address being “Blacklisted” it will affect your site as well.

We offer a number of Solutions

Silver This is on a shared Hosting service – Bluehost, but does offer a lower monthly cost

Gold This is a shared hosting service on our servers. There will only be a maximum of 10 other domains on this shared host.

Platinum You will have the only domain on this IP. This would be ideal if you wanted to offer a shopping cart or establish an internet store.

Kryptonite Here you have your own server. This will provide you with the maximum throughput. No one else on your server not a virtual server but an actual physical server located in a secure data center.

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