Free Hosting

TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Free Hosting looks like a good deal.

Yes you can find free hosting services – But
Don’t Do it!

Reasons Why You Should Not Use Free Web Hosting

We have become accustomed to finding all sorts of “Free Stuff” on the Web. So now you may be thinking that a free Web Hosting Service may be for you. Here are the Reasons not to :-

You don’t own your site. The company operating it may decide to cancel its free offerings. They may go out of business, them not being able to afford to continue to pay for the equipment they will have to use to provide the Hosting Service. Your site can be removed for many reasons the hosting service may disagree with the type of product you offer or not approve of the Genre of your books.

In order to pay for the expenses of your “Free Host” the provider will place advertisements or banners over your site. When you “own” your site you might consider placing your own ads on your site as a source of revenue.

A web address of advertises the fact that you don’t take your site or your business seriously. There are very reasonable options out ther to provide you with your own site We even offer a lower cost option here Our Silver Hosting Option

Search engine visibility. When you are hosted on a free host the search engines do not index your sites as well as when you have your own web site and domain. You want your customers or readers to Find you!

You are usually limited in the design of your web site. Your site will look exactly like every other site that has the “Ocean View” template. You are not providing your “web home” with its own individuality. Should you decide that you want to add things like a shopping cart or a chat forum you will find that the ability to add these to your web site is severely limited.

Support services are usually very limited with free hosting. It costs money to man help desks and they aren’t making money on your web site. Some do offer user forums where you can search for solutions to your problem but the answers may not provide you with exactly the answer to your problem.

Free web hosting is notoriously unreliable. You get what you pay for — if you find a good web hosting service, you often get support and reliability. Free web hosting usually put caps on the size of your site, the volume of data that can be transferred (If you get too many visitors they may even take your site offline for the balance of the month or longer). Just when you have gotten that viral post and you are about to get thousands of visitors your site will be “taken down” for exceeding the TOS (Terms of Service). You will also find that free hosts aren’t as fast in delivering your web site to your visitors – The dreaded Buffering Buffering. Visitors will grow impatient and decide to go elsewhere rather than wait for your site to finish loading.

Free web hosts also close down (remember Geocities?).

If you do decide to go with a free Web Host you may find it extremely difficult to get hold of all the data on your site and be able to recreate your site on a regular Domain Host.