Other Options

You can “do it all yourself” there are numerous videos and articles available.

There are publishers accepting “unsolicited” manuscripts. Here is a list of 40 Unsolicited Manuscripts (the link opens in a new window)

You usually will have to give a “pitch” (an in face presentation to the people concerned) to these publishers.

Another route is to get an agent Article listing agents accepting unsolicited manuscripts (the link opens in a new window)

A word of advice if your manuscript is historical fiction don’t submit it to a publisher or agent who deals in Poetry or Science Fiction – you will just be wasting both your and their time.

Self Publishing

The giant in this arena is Book Baby you can find them here

Book Baby offers almost everything you could want in a self publishing company. They will do cover design, layout, editing and printing for a fee. They do quality work and they do guarantee it. They don’t currently offer video services or photography. Founded in 2011, as an offshoot of CD Baby, it is a large company and they have had considerable experience.

A smaller company offering the same sort of services is Lulu They can be found here. They offer much of the same services as Book Baby.  They have been in existence since 2002.

If you are solely considering E Books Smashwords is another option. They only handle distribution of electronic books.


Local (Quad Cities) Publishers

Ice Cube Press a small publisher founded in 1992, as of March 2016 was not accepting any new submissions – see notes about unsolicited manuscripts.

918 Studio Press They are a “co operative” venture, where you contribute to have your manuscript printed and receive a percentage of the sales.